Network Promo: Coming Friday, May 28

Coming up this week:  Fun, adventure, and just plain weird, all with an ’80s soundtrack.  This show is one of the reasons I wanted to do this blog in the first place.  Enjoy!

Five quotes:

“I told him I would do the show as long as I could have fun with it and not play it straight… we want to be hip and funny.”

…usually to stop speeding cars or knock the baddies out of play.

“We’ll rely on the National Enquirer for story ideas.”

Today, they could even have had the flying dog….

Die Spezialisten Unterwegs (translation:  Specialists on the Way)

Since Grapevine was SO hard to guess last week, I decided to make this one a bit easier… I even gave you the name of the show (OK, so it’s in German.)  I hope all of you join our team, and flashback to the ’80s with me this week for another great show on Friday 8/7 Central!

–Tim R.

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  1. Very much looking forward to this one. Thank you for doing an article on this – it deserves it.

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