Network Promo for Friday, May 21

Coming up on Friday 8/7 Central:  A very unusual romantic comedy.  Times two, actually.  And it’s a show almost no one has ever heard of, but I loved it just the same.  Five quotes:

It’s like that secret fling that no one knows you had, way back when.

“…it would be naive to say that most relationships, especially passionate relationships, don’t involve a great deal of sex, or thinking about sex.”

…the list of guest actors… … looks like a TV casting agent’s dream, although most were still unknowns at the time.

“That way, people can behave as they do in life.  They make mistakes.”

Imagine MTV’s The Real World:  Miami as a scripted romantic comedy.

See you later this week, for something you missed.  You might have loved it, too.  I know I did.

–Tim R.

  1. Jaret Morlan said:

    The only thing that even remotely comes to mind is “Going to Extremes,” but I wouldn’t expect that to be your cup of tea?

    Is that it?

  2. Nope. Although, funny enough, “Going to Extremes” DID come up for discussion and possible inclusion on the blog this week, especially since ABC just announced “Off the Map” with Wonderfalls Caroline Dhavernas for mid-season, and it’s a similar concept of medicine in a very different environment.

    This week’s is so obscure, that I had to really search to find even a :30 second clip…but I did, and it will be linked to the article, just to prove that it really exists. But I really did love the show anyway, at least for 12 half-hours…..

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