Network Promo: Coming Friday, May 14

Here’s what’s coming this week at Friday, 8/7 Central.–A real blast from the past, going all the way back to the late ’70’s.  Featuring these five lines:

…any quality that still exists as part of the final production is almost by accident.

It found a terrific tone between some obvious comedy moments and fun action/adventure drama…

…best known as the man who killed off Mr. Spock…

“It’s not that we get bad scripts.  It’s just that everything has been so rushed all season.”

…well-remembered and distinctive, it’s probably the most iconic image from the show.

Well, I hope you enjoy it.  You may have heard of it, you may not have.  But I have fond memories of this one, truly.  And I hope you like my take on it as much as I enjoyed the series the first time around.

–Tim R.

PS. Oh, and any model makers out there will love it.  Just saying….


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